KGNs core business is machining of different metals, alloys, plastic and composite materials. We can deliver a totally covered supply chain management and life cycle services beginning from design to surface treatment, to packaging, to logistic solutions – and everything in between, all according to our customers’ requirements and demands.
Our machine park has been acquired to be able to perform high quality work and produce according to narrow tolerances and high level of detail. We also perform sawing, welding, sandblasting. A specialty of ours in surface treatment is Glass Shot blasting which is a surface treatment and surface cleaning method that gives a quick and profitable treatment to get an impressive finish.
We have the competence needed to perform various test and quality inspections for our produced products in order to ensure our customers satisfaction.
We can provide our products with the European Declaration of Conformity mark which can give our customer added value if they want to use the products for retailing.
We take care of packaging of totally customized solutions for transport to customer or end user.


Tools for specialized needs


  • Main bearings
  • Cylinder liner
  • Piston
  • Connecting rod
  • Injection equipment
  • Intermediete gear
  • Cylinder head
  • Camshaft
  • Miscellaneous tools
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioners including power pack
  • Lifting tools

Machined components and part assemblies for various industries

MACHINING (Lathing, Turning & Milling)

  • Serie = 1-10000
  • Max diameter = 600mm
  • Max length = 700mm
  • Different steels and alloys



  • Sawing
  • Shot Blasting
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Assembling
  • Packing



  • Calculations
  • Testing
  • Production planning
  • Documentation
  • End user training

Machine park

CNC-machining centre

Okuma MU 500 L

5-axis machine for multitaskin operations milling and turning, X 1250* Y 660* Z 540

Okuma MB-46VAE

multitasking machining centre with tool indexing. Table size X 560* Y 460* Z 460

Okuma MC 4VA

multitasking machining centre with tool indexing. Table size X 650* Y 400* Z 460

CNC-turning lathe

Robot Cell Okuma LT2000EX+ ABB IRB4600

4-axles with rotating tools, twin-spindle. D 220*L200
Bar feeder max D 65

Okuma LU 400 M

4-axles with rotating tool, D 420* L 650

Okuma LU 35 M

4-axles with rotating tool, D 550* L 850

Okuma LU 25 M

4-axles with rotating tool, D 420* L 1250

Okuma LU 25 M

4-axles with rotating tool, D 420* L 1250